Get started for free now, much more coming soon!

$0 per user / month


  • Unlimited number of models

  • Public publishing of apps

  • Integrate models into your site / app

  • Free cloud hosting

$50 per user / month

Everything in Free plus:

  • Version control

  • Database integrations

  • Custom API integration

  • Integrations with third-party APIs

  • Google Sheets data synch

  • Reporting (charts and graphs)

  • Multi-user collaboration support

$200 per user / month

Everything in Professional plus:

  • Self-hosting

  • Team accounts

  • Premium support

  • Import from Excel

  • Analytics dashboard

  • Private publishing of apps

  • Custom styling functionality

  • Machine learning capabilities

  • Extended dataset size support

  • Advanced code mode for engineers

What does unlimited number of models mean?
It means you can create as many projects in Hyperseed, each containing as many number of building blocks as you would like to have.
What does public publishing mean?
Your Hyperseed models can generate applications with user interfaces that others can use. These applications are generated as public URLs accessible to anyone with access to the link.
What does it mean to integrate a model into my site?
This means that a Hyperseed model can act an engine behind a portion of your site or app. For example, with two lines of Javascript, you can connect a pricing widget on your website to a Hyperseed model that carries out the calculations as your customers interact with the widget.