Engineering is busy with core product and finops apps are critical to your business operations. Stop having to choose and take your finance technology footprint to the next level.

Build finops applications your business needs without code. 
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Drag & Drop Building Blocks

  • Data components
  • Visual components
  • Custom components

Logic & Dependencies


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  • Familiar expression format with auto-complete
  • Visual dependency markers
  • Built-in functions

Publishable Apps


  • One-click publishing of URLs
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  • Free hosting with Hyperseed

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Examples of what to build with Hyperseed:

Sales Commission Calculator
  • Build calculators for your sales colleagues

  • Update the logic on the fly

  • Avoid dealing with out-of-date spreadsheets sent via email

Custom Billing System
  • Calculate monthly invoices for your customers

  • Avoid running a manual process every month

Price Configurator
  • Set up a dynamic model to calculate a complex pricing structure

  • Let your customers configure & instantly get a price instead of having to call you

Insurance Rating  Calculator
  • Calculate ratings using a series of lookup table and other input criteria

  • Dynamically update ratings when inputs change