Turn your custom financial models into applications that launch with one click.

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Hyperseed empowers financial professionals to build their own applications and maintain them without constant reliance on engineering. 

Use components to visually lay out data architecture & flow

You can select from a list of simple and more complex visual components to build the outline of your applications.


Use the expression editor to define your pricing logic

If you have defined expressions in Excel before, you can use our expressions to define logic.

If our default components don't do the trick, use existing ones to create what you need, or build your own.

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Remix our default components or build your own from scratch


See a real-time preview of your application as you build

You don't need build and deployment processes to check the result of your work. Make changes on the fly.

  • Design sophisticated pricing configurators

  • Create custom billing systems

  • Build dynamic FP&A applications

If there are other applications you'd like to build with Hyperseed, just request a demo and let's discuss it!




Building custom financial applications is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Businesses need them, no one wants to build them. We know this pain from our past companies, so we built Hyperseed to eliminate it.


Hyperseed is more than just software: it will be a platform. Our solution comprising specialized modules for financial applications will be complemented by a marketplace of templates & services powered by the community of Hyperseed users.


Hyperseed is powered by a proprietary operating system that took over 10 years of R&D effort to perfect. It was specifically designed for financial computations. 


Hyperseed is backed by:


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