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Billing workflow automation powered by spreadsheet formulas.

Hyperseed helps finance teams customize billing dimensions & rules with spreadsheet formulas. Eliminate your billing limitations without implementation specialists.

Integrates with your CRM, ERP, GL

Uses data sources as billing dimensions

Manages subscriptions & contracts

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A billing solution that makes finance a revenue driver


Finance is in control of the billing environment:

no black boxes, no engineering help needed

Billing dimensions & logic  are defined with spreadsheet formulas


Integrates with whichever accounting, CRM and ERP tools you use


No limits to billing logic definitions so no risk of eventually having to build an in-house billing system


Sales can sell custom deals without creating downstream billing pains


Finance & sales can model price permutations that drive additional revenue


Custom Invoice Logic

Integration Flexibility

Select, modify or create your own plans.

Set up any pricing model.

Hyperseed gives you a selection of preset plans to work with, such as:




You can modify the plans to adapt them to your needs. If that’s not enough, create your own plans with custom pricing logic from scratch.


When needed, assign individualized plans per customer for one-off or all billing cycles.

Integrate with your data.

Hyperseed works & scales with your setup. You can import your data or integrate us with your CRM, ERP and database sources of truth.

Use multiple data  sources to set dimensions of your invoicing logic, such as foreign exchange rates, add-on services, and rating at the transaction line-item level.

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Hyperseed does the arithmetic for you using your billing plan logic and your data.


Individual invoice control allows for modifications such as pro-rating and discounting.

You can easily verify the final numbers and make any changes at the invoice level using formulas.

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Inspect, verify and modify invoice math.


Send invoices and collect payments with your preferred system.

Make accounts receivable strategic with the drill-down dashboard.

The Hyperseed dashboard is a real-time tool for reviewing accounts receivable and driving strategic business value from the finance suite.

Use aging report for collections & forecasting revenues

Simulate additional revenue potential

Compare historic revenues with simulations


We're backed by



Our customer, a fintech that has a hybrid subscription & usage pricing model, uses QuickBooks for invoicing. Their primary request is to be able to issue invoices for upcoming business cycles and  modify them before the billing cycle is closed.

QuickBooks automatically generates invoices at the beginning of each cycle but in order to apply any changes like discounts, our customer has to manually generate a second invoice that contains the needed changes. This workflow takes hours each month and it's increasing given our customer's rapid month-to-month growth.

For this customer, Hyperseed acts the invoice management interface that automatically generates as many upcoming invoices as needed and allows our customer to modify each invoice until the invoice is dispatched. Our customer would like to retain QuickBooks as both a ledger and a collections system and therefore, Hyperseed is providing them a bi-directional synch with QuickBooks, in effect acting as an extension of and a complement to our customer's QuickBooks implementation.


Our customer, a data platform company that also has a hybrid subscription & usage pricing model, uses Stripe for payments and Xero as their general ledger. Due to the complexity of the usage component of their pricing model, they have written a custom script that extracts usage data from their platform and calculates monthly usage.

Our customer's business model is evolving and continuing to manage and upgrade this internal setup would take critical product & engineering resources away from core product.

For this customer, Hyperseed is importing usage and customer data and integrating with their service platform via APIs in order to be the one-stop shop for assigning plans and managing subscriptions, pro-ration, and add-on services. Hyperseed then forwards the computed invoice totals to our customer's platform so that payment is collected by Stripe and to Xero for accounting and reporting purposes. In this example, finance is empowered to independently manage the billing workflow and our customer's product dev team is freed up to focus fully on core product & growth.

See how Hyperseed works for yourself

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