Rules-based price modeling & billing system

Define custom billing plans

Automate your invoicing flow

Analyze your cash status

Forecast revenues 

Run price experiments 

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A different breed of billing solutions


Finance is in control of the billing environment:

no black boxes, no engineering help needed

Billing logic is defined and exposed as simple spreadsheet formulae


Integrates with whichever best-in-class CRM and ERP tools you use


No limits to billing logic definitions so no risk of eventually having to build an in-house billing system


Sales can sell custom deals without creating downstream billing pains


Finance & sales can model price permutations that drive additional revenue


Custom Invoice Logic

Integration Flexibility

Select, modify or create your own plans.

Automation and control, all in one.

Hyperseed gives you a selection of preset plans to work with, such as:




You can modify the plans to adapt them to your needs. If that’s not enough, create your own plans with custom pricing logic from scratch. 

Import or sync your data

Hyperseed scales with your setup. Simply import your data with a CSV file, or synch with your CRM & ERP sources of truth.

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Inspect, verify and modify invoice math.

Hyperseed does the arithmetic for you using the billing plan logic and your data.

You can easily verify the results and make any changes at the invoice level with simple, familiar formulae. 

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Send invoices and collect payments with your preferred system.

Make accounts receivable strategic with drill-down dashboard.

The Hyperseed dashboard is a real-time tool for optimizing accounts receivable and driving strategic business value from the finance suite.

Use aging report for collections & forecasting revenues

Simulate additional revenue potential

Compare historic revenues with simulations


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